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William Hayden
James Webb Space Telescope Systems Engineer, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, Maryland, USA
DSN Course

I want to say a few words about the incredible DSN course with Anandji in Washington DC. I must admit having approached this course with some trepidation as I had just recently recovered from sleep deprivation and overwork from having a baby in the house and balancing responsibilities. But I trusted my friends, and of course dear Guruji, that this would be a course to overcome my limitations and energize my enthusiasm, so I signed up with the blessings of my wife, Anne.

Well, all I can say is my expectations were such understatements! As always, I did not know what I did not know. I was worried about an illusion.The programs, the processes, the homework all shattered or dissolved what I perceived were my limitations. And of course there was Anandji. His delivery of the knowledge was so energetic and absolutely confident that I felt like a lion just being close to him. In his words, “its better to be a weak lion than a strong chicken! Got it?!” He guided us or pushed us to go deep, do things I thought would be painful or too tough, or that I did not know was even in the realm of reality. I did it and was amazed! Not only amazed, but incredible bliss bubbled up as I felt the freedom of realizing that my limits were of my own doing, imposed on my nervous system from years of programming. This course also injected the spirit of enthusiasm and commitment to our upcoming Silver Jubilee celebration here in Washington DC. For me, Guruji’s call at the very end saying that this was “the beginning of a stress free, violence free America” was the bow that tied up the course into a powerful and timely course. So don’t pass up an opportunity to do yourself — and the world — this favor!

The week afterward was as important as the course itself. I have always struggled getting people to sign up for Part 1 Courses, for which I had one starting later that week. The doership and my reserved approach — read unenthusiastic — to offering the course just wasn’t working. I dropped my feeling that I was the doer, and that I was the failure if the course was too small. In Anandji’s words, “Come what may, just give it 100%!” and it will happen. I just dropped my old attitude and took on this new attitude, and unbelievably 3 people signed up for the course before the end of the DSN! Great! More people showed up before the course started, and I did not feel like a failure when a couple I was working on for weeks to take the course decided not to take it.

I facilitate a guided meditation at NASA for our Art of Living Club there, which I did the day after the course. Remembering the strong chicken mantra, I boldly went in and gave the most enthusiastic intro talk I have ever done (shortest, too!). I gave it 100%. Chris Smythe-Macaulay — my partner in the club — said I was on fire! It felt really good. I could tell it really made people think about their lives. Though nobody actually signed up, rather than feeling guilty, I felt energized. However, I must admit it backfired a little. One woman who I was convincing to take the Part 1 course over again, said, “No way. I want the course that you just took!” I also went on a week long business trip for NASA. Again remembering the strong chicken thing, I was bold around those who are often intimidating, I was focused when we had a problem, and I felt — and expressed — a lot of joy and happiness. And do you know what? Peopled were attracted to that positive energy. It was fun to observe.

I keep reminding myself that I have a gift to share: this course and Guruji’s knowledge. Got it? I do.

With all my gratitude to Anandji and Guruji.


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  1. attended his dsn course at jallandhar, no w
    words to explain , unbelevable experiance,in punjabi language simply chaak te phatte


    Some time in april, I had presented myself with a DSN course from Anand Ji.
    until the time I set foot on the floors of NIMHANS gymkhana in Bangalore, i was so confident that as i had always done, I

    simply thought I needed a break and i had given myself a DSN this time. As we heard the sonorous voice of AnandjI bringing

    our Aum Namah shivaya meditation to a close, and the course commenced, the truth that I was destined to be there became more

    and more clear, there were clear scathing cuts deep into my most secretive inhibitions within the first few hours of the

    course. It became more and more obvious that the course was a bout of cool grace of the divine raining on me. through out the

    course very crucial shackles of inhibitions like running, dancing, over-contemplation and most importantly over confidence

    were shattered like pinced porcelain. It was like driving on a rainy night seeing through a cracked windshield and suddenly

    the DSN breaking the glass open for a crystal clear eagle eye of the coming life. I was able to feel that I had become life

    ready. I was a new man. I was a lion in every meaning of the term and i was witnessing myself playing reckless rambo at my

    work place. I was happy and i was getting comfortable being able to be daring.

    It was not until recently that i came to realize a very important thing. I was still only interested in the importance that

    DSN had made to me. I remembered that the seva sessions were torturous and ego scathing. I had not been able to break free

    fro that shackle. A person saying no to me was still a fear, and “my karmas, I have to hear no from such people, I havent

    even heard of!” was still a whine-whine whine in my head. I suddenly felt very weak…i needed my Dr. Chingpong again!
    Although Seva was an important part of the course, I had not taken in the full comprehension with me. I soon started feeling

    wasteful and useless. doubts about the kriya [which in fact, i was doing more regularly than before] and the master soon

    followed. I felt like a dried piece of bread soon. Guruji has this way of making me experience what a cloud with a silver

    lining means. I had subscribed to eSatsang messages and had off late, begun to neglect all mails from eSatsang. That

    particular day I had just one mail…and over the weekend no mails coming up is indeed a surprise to me…You can guess what

    the eSatsang mail contained….A familiar call to all the chickens in Bangalore. My heart leapt right to the ceiling when I

    saw the words [Anand rajendran] and [Bangalore]. Beating like a war drum, i read on to the end of the mail hurriedly where

    the contact info was mentioned. I simply registered. One of those hateful thursadya evenings when guruji decides to test your

    patience, work piling at the yenth hour, pouring in, and stuff to complete becoming more critical suddenly. i nimbly

    postponedall the “critical” deliverables to wednesday next week and relentlessly shot mails to all stakeholders that I am

    heading home because of a severly aching back!![sorry about the fabrication Guruji!]
    I was twenty minutes behind schedule and I reached the venue puffing and panting with hastily packed intimates and track

    pants. resolutely I walked into the hall nodding to familiar faces. Have you ever experienced a second DSN? both from anand

    ji [You have? then you know what I am talking about…You havent? then read on!] the same Namah shivaya meditation, and I

    heard the familiar “relax…” the command brought out waves and waves of anticipation..and when we were told “whenever you

    feel complete, you may very slooooooowly open our eyes”, i had to use every ounce of will power to prevent my eyes from

    popping out open. I never closed them again!

    This time something new happened. another of guruji’s exquisite miracles. I was almost verbatim with the course contents..and

    I was listening with all my heart. That made me realize that I was interested with what I can take back from DSN, when I did

    it the last time. i had not only listened only with my intellect, I was also interested in my own personal benefit. No wonder

    my seva experience was so pathetic!!! I realized that this time, without any effort from me…none whatsoever..I was actually

    being overhauled from inside. The DSN course intends not only to make a warrior out of you, but a seva warrior, became more

    and more clear! Every Sutra felt like mallet blows into my heart as I felt chains clank inside my heart and waves upon waves

    of intent seva thirst spurted out.It was a beautiful poetic experience, people are still who they are..some of them do the

    art of living course when it happens…and the others do it later.I was enjoying the different caustic reactions that people

    give AOL volunteers…Like slamming doors, jutting into your conversation and most importantly into your best smile, letting

    dogs loose on us, lecturing us on how art of living is not essential for surviving and feeding yourself, scolding us for

    wasting our time in following fake fakirs…you name it, I have heard it all.And guess what? i have smiled through every one

    of them…smiled so perpetually that I wonder at times why I have to frown at all 🙂

    Hey you guys…listen to this one..we participated in the door to door seva for anand ji’s basic course thats happening from

    today..and we had the most rocking time ever. Well there are dog stories, and then there is this one! What is the general

    idea when u have a dog in the house? A sign that says beware of them? or a symbol of a dark and ferocious looking canine? a

    small board on the gate with squiggly letters in the vernacular? An ostentaciously located kennel with a tell tale chain

    sticking out? I found nothing here. with the DSN lion thumping energy into my heart, I walked up the doorway..taking 3 feet

    long confident strides..i am a 6’1″ guy so 2 of these strides took me to the door bell. The owner of the house was apparently

    a person whose allegiance to sadism is proverbial. He had untied his dog and carefully made it stand behind his car..I have

    no idea how it managed to stay exactly there…without a yip out of it..and it was actually waiting for me to come abreast of

    the car. I dont remember how the attack started. there was a series of baying and howling. About the same time I could feel

    the canine’s bare talons through my terrywool trousers, amidst parallely operating ferverent autosuggestions, prayers, and

    Sutra recollections. It was funny actually, all I could see visibly was the Owners head partially peeping in from the

    doorway…I dont know why the owner owns the 4 feet tall brute, if he is scared of dogs in generals…baying ones in

    specific! and he was like, “what is it? we dont want any shampoos” Fighting to keep the smile on my face and my attention on

    the pamphlet, I was like “there is this amazing course happening in Jayanagar, at a stones throw from your pound…i mean

    house..” well it is all like a dream now. I was a little sad with guruji that day…my present moment dragged on to 12

    consecutive Dog infested houses…they were all cousins[the owners], i think…Why? All untied and untidy dogs…not to

    mention that the dogs were also distant cousins…but funnily all the 12 different breeds seemed to view me with the same

    temperament..which one? the trouser scratching one of course! and whats more, i walked on guruji’s side and delivered the

    introduction to the course in all the 12 kennels…er.I mean houses. We had a rocking time, and I believe we owe it all to

    where the DSN had clicked into our circuitry, our hearts! we have experienced the difference that seva has brought into our lives…taste the nectar I say, and you will know what i mean
    Jai gurudev


  4. Its a nice feeling that my teaher is coming back again this september to tata colony , where once again “Shri Anandji ” will be conducting the course, Sir I just want to tell u I am so lucky to do the course with u called the “DSN” for me its stands like this “DSN” means , “Don’t Say No” , do it , for me it changed me completly and helped me a lot , I feel more confident and can look up , sometimes past comes in, as its a cycle but I want to forget , Sir I want to thankyou, tomorrow being Teacher’s Day 5th September ,” Sir, I want to wish you , ” A Very Happy Teacher’s Day , where ever u are, I wish You all the Best In life,There is a saying , here it goes “24 hours make lovely day , 7 days make a lovely week , 52 weeks make a lovely year & knowing a person like U made my life lovely. Have a lovely day in life !
    I still remember two things , Got It , Rock Solid etc. I hope I can meet u again .
    God Bless U and Your Family,
    With Best Wishes,
    Your Student,
    ( Sir One Thing I shld admint , whenever I write to U , I feel my burden has lessened and I was lucky to meet Renuji too, on my way back from work and open up with her busy sechulded, hope I find happiness by being with you’ll and seva, satasang and sadhana + long Kriya follow ups on sundays , as done wonders for me, “Thankyou, Sir Once Again “. )

  5. Sir,
    It was nice meeting you, after seven months , and that also in person so close by, so first I thank Renuji for it without her help and meeting her at Ameeta’s house for “Guru Pooja” today etc.Sir U know what , I don’t like u for one thing u made me ask the opposite sex what I should do by looking into there eyes, these men troulbed me the most whereever i went to work , bad experinces inlife made me wary about men and use to hate them at one time but DSN changed me but sometimes my past do come up when my mother is in a terrible mood , but I remain happy within, i only want all my sir’s blessings & I Wish U A HAPPY MARRIED LIFE, Heard U Are Tieing The Knot This October .Hope to meet u sometime or the other .Thanks for everything just pray for my mother she is very serious too.

  6. amber ( Ludhiana DSN)
    Sunday, February 22, 2009
    [reply] [delete]It was time

    It’s been an enough hill climb

    Now I deserve something sublime

    Stuck in life’s jam

    When ways out seemed dim

    Life seemed grim

    When worries showed red-light

    Incapacitating any move

    Or wriggling out

    U came with the green

    With an intense beam

    For sometime life-like you didn’t seem

    There I thought I found my

    “ Om Mani Padmehum ”

    After a brush with you, I wish

    For nothing but to reflect some bit of your light

    To be able to make some beam

    To erase some frowns

    From some crowns!

    Your message:

    Past gives a tear

    Future a fear

    Hold the present dear

    Put me in the top gear

    Hope to move on in this gear.

    PS- my mind went wai wai!

    Every moment seemed dry dry

    But now the mind tells me try try

    You’ve given me some precious JHAKAS moments my “Mani Padmehum”.

  7. Anandji,
    My life just turned around like an ignited rocket just stooping up and up and full of never ending energy from the time I attended the DSN in July.
    It was by chance that I met someone I know who is so cheerful always (it was on gurupoornima day) where she was mentioning that she would like to repeat DSN and have a Jakaas experience. At that time I did not know the special meaning and anootation of superflowing energy attacned to “Jakaas”. I though if this lady who is ever smiling can opt for the second time for DSN…. then let me see what is in this…. why not and I just signed up.
    Every moment thereon through the DSN has been an expeience for life. the amount of things I have learnt in those three days is simply ammazing and unbelievable that no degree/studies for any amount of years cna make up for it. I really loved the way you took us through this journey step by step and made us all simply dissove into the experiences…. just locking us all through this journey with so much of enthusiasm/energy/dynamism/…. I simply was mesmerised every minute since then and I had the fortune of expeirences some amamzing “out-of-the-world” feeling and experiencing Guruji;s grace where he came to my rescue on many occasions during the course and later as well.
    It was like just pouring it all out… becoming void and then taking it all in and becoming light…. and contented…. and immensely happy… and unsotably energetic… back to my tru self of pure joy and bubling enthusiasm… that I alwasys was… but was lost out somewhere….
    Every word of the wishes I penned down… every letter of what I wrote I wanted to be once I die… came true and I am happy I am experienceing those… and seeing those while I am reborn… to fulfil those wishes…
    I am sure you and GURUJI know it all even without me writing this down… We have dialogued without having to do it in person or having to wrie it out… and I have experienced Guruji and his indications and his presence in so many ways through so many things around…. it is simply magic… like you truly said… I am expriencing the heaven right now.. right here… staying in this world….

    I recall some of the funny experences too that I went through during the DSN… on the job… live trainign sessions 😉
    You had asked us to go and shout “You knwo what I am mad…” toatleast three to five people on the street… I recall the expeirences so amny times from the people who reacted to this… I was laughing at the ghastly expression on that face.. this person had BIG eye and his BIG eyes popped out growing even bigger.. I was afraid ti will drop off… you can imagine the burst of laughter I had… another one also laughed loudly and was more conscious than me…. another person got so scared of me that they frowned and drowned herself in a book without daring to look anywhere.. not even into the book… You know.. later in a B;day party someone met me and said… I saw in BEL road…. you were busy… you were possibly doing some office work… (and she looked very suspeciously and nervously at me and moved off)… I guess she must have seen my mad-acts on BEL road that day.. wnad was concerned and wanted to knwo what was wrong…/right.. or both…? She also found me laughing and joking around so joyfully and ever smiling… she must have had some reason to suspect right… I had a louder laugh looking at her discomfort for me… my… what a day…. But there was one person who left me amazed/moved… when I just went to him and shouted “you know what…. I have gone mad… you knwo relaly mad… and mad…”…. he stopped by with alot of concern and care and asked me… “why what happened?”… my I get goose pimples when I recall that moment…. even now. I am sure I will remember this person all my life… I was doign it like a pure exprimentation… as I was asked to … just go tell this and observe the reactions from people… and somebody stoppign and asking what/why…? I was simply speachless… there are still people on this earlth… many of them… who are concrened and caring… JAI GURUDEV!!

    I started realising many truths about so many things that we have been seeing and hearing all these days and just be obeserving more about things around..,. that it is simply amazing…. and quite profound that I never imagined “I” would sail through those expeirences so seemlessly… like I said again… the things that I have been able to exxperientially learn through thes e days has been the best ever learnings in my lifetime!!… My… then why are people so hesitant to attaining this when it is just 3 days away…. And when something so simple can turn around and affect you in such a profound way leading you to joy and contentment and peace like never before…. why stay away with tight lips and tied hands… we should get everyone on this earth so happy …. every single soul on this earth so happy that Guruji truly has nothing to worry about… for he does cry everytime we go through pain…. he is as much under pain…evrytime any of us strugggle in life… so my wish and infact all our gurudakshina for our dearest GURUJI is that he is all smiles…. because everyone one of us are all smiles… then Anandji your wish of getting everyone on board on the place before it takes of… will happen and the tick counter there will get closed ahead of time… not because there are only that many who are on spiritual path…. but because there is really no oneelse left outside the spiritiaual path… all are boardde then why delay the take off … why delay it until 2011?!! Nek Kaam me dheri Koon!?!

    I cannot stop myself from writing out my experiences… I have shared it all with you and guruji… this is more to share it all with others… there are infinite number of things … to share and write that we will end up spending lifetimes to come if we were to start writing them all here….
    One other thing…. that I percived with a renewd meaning…and I wanted to share is…. the 11th day funda…! We have seen that 11th day is special when someone dies… or when someone is born as well…. (I am not well versed in these even if 11th day funda that I wrote above may not be exaclty true… as epr ymknowledge that is so… and that is how I percived it)….On gurupooja day as I shared with you (telepathy) that I felt I was the only one who is having the good fortune of celebrating the 11th day of my death (of old self) and 11th day of my rebirth (of new self) on the same day… now I know why both of these were exactly on the 11th day… Hm…I was feelign so special already…. but it had to be more special than what I ever imagined right… Jaab bhi guru kuch deeta hai chappad phaadke deeta hai (never mind my bad hindi…as long as you canget what I am saying here)
    But Anandji… guess what… there are many more special things that hapepend to me on my re-born b’day July 15th that makes is more special than that of yours… (ie more special that that which happened to you on your B;day which happened to be also the Vasudeva Kutumbakam… celebrations day)… that even you cannot step yourself from being jeolous of me… no matter how much of sadhana you have done to get your emotions under control 😉 If you want to know that… then you need to meet me… I have a lot of other ideas to share regarding how we can take some of our AOL influences to cover other thigns in this world which re seeding adversely…. and many more plans and thoughts…. that are too precious to share it here…. if you wnat to hear them all… then you please check my calendar to setup a meeting with me! 😐 (This is to the lovely friend that I made through the DSN…. )… to our naughty, mischivous, bubly, ever smilling, loving, addorable, innocent, profoundly knowledgeble, profoundly blessed soul….profoundly electrifying…. dear Anandji… true to your name….ANANDAMAI… soul….
    Our heartfelt wishes for all the happiness and joy in the world and wishing you a very blisful and happy partnership with your life partner. Early congratulations and best wishes… from all the blessed souls… and disciples.
    With all the love and gratitude of changin over the life miraculously and for showing us with miracles and blessing every minute…. in every way of life…. in eevry sound… in eevry creature/creation onthis earth… I can hear our guruji in our secret language and voice even now…
    Immesnsely gratified with the JAk Jak Jak Jak Jak Jak Jak Jak Jakkas experiences….
    And my sincere prayer to GURUji is to bring solace to the person who was the reason for me to sign up for DSN… she herself is again caught in the dhal dhal of emotions…. and is entangled there… I wish she derives the strength from GURUJI to get freed up…. I am sure this situation is being faced with an intent of getting this person to an immensely higher level of joy and contentment and happiness…. It is like the cater pual.. the further down you strian and stretch the string, the farther/speedily the target moves when released… I am lookig forward for that breakaway day for her…
    Your ardent disciple….
    Guess who?

    I wanted you to Guess who but the technology mandates us to provide the details… not fair! 😉
    But this did help in getting more friends…. into my life…
    so n sores on that!
    Hmm… I talk a lot… possibly the only best remedy is to sign up for advanced silecen course in the near future!?!

  8. Anandji,

    I was trying to write out a mail to all my friends to sign up for DSN course and I started composing an invite… sharing my experiences…. and I thought that I should share that here as well…
    I felt like writing down the A-Z DSN experiences in life… to know those…read on until end of this email…..

    DSN COURSE especially when conducted by Anandji… who is so enthusiastic, so electrifying and so full of enthusiasm and knowledge … that it leaves everyone… enjoying every moment through the course… And my… it gives you the experience of the roller coaster ride… where you enjoy every up and down that it takes you through with lot of enthusiasm, excitement, screaming with joy and excitement, … and at the end of the roller coaster ride…. Al of us are sure to feel….
    Oh! My!! What a ride it was!! What a journey it was!!
    …. I can bet that everyone who participated 100% in it will at the end of the course be so surprised to see how far you have come by… through the knowledge of self discovery… you would have transformed so much so… that your old self is beyond recognition…. Your old self is such an alien to you!
    I have never come across any course which could be so effective that the success rate of turning around people into experiencing this amazing level of experience and the vast change for betterment in each and everyone irrespective of age/gender/state of mind/background/culture/language…. Is simply magical!!! It turns around each and every participant undergoing this course… 100% success rate… is never heard of in any course…. Ever!!
    It truly enables you to realize the worth of being born as a human being…. And makes you realize the worthy purpose of your being here…. Really WORTH IT ALL!! JUST PRICELESS!!

    A to Z experiences in life… through DSN course
    A: Agility, Assertive, Aggressive in achieving results, Act now attitude, Amazing/Awesome experiences

    B: Being yourself yet being the Best, Blossoming in love/affection/care

    C: Clarity of thoughts, Confident, Compassionate, Comfortable being what you truly are

    D: Dynamism, Dashingly confident, Dancing with glory and happiness

    E: Everlasting Enthusiasm, Energy, Empathetic, Evangelistic

    F: Fun Filled, Feverishly exciting, Fervour

    G: Graciously gratified, Gregarious, Great going, GURUJI’s
    magical grace and blessings showered,

    H: Humble, Hilarious experiences/observations about instances in life that you wept about once upon a time… 😉

    I: Innate truths, Inner peace, Inner discovery, Incredible experiences

    J: Jhakaas (out of the world) experience, Jumping with Joyous moments all along, Jubilant

    K: Kindness, Kindled, Klassy, Kamaal Kourse, ??????

    L: Liberated, Latched on to the path of enlightenment and Peace, Love and affection overflows… that just dissolves everyone/everything into being just nothing

    M: Mesmerizing, Magical melting moments all along, Moves everyone with the power of Divine Love!

    N: New YOU, No scope for inertia, Natural behavior (prompts us to be true to our inner nature/inner self… our natural self).

    O: Outstanding experience, Out of the world experience

    P: Passion in whatever you do , Peace and contentment, Polishes each and everyone and leaves them glowing with joy and happiness ever after

    Q: Quench for inner peace gets kindled, ???????

    R: RE-birth into a new self, Result oriented, Ready (Ever-Ready feeling to face any adversities in life come what may), Royalty (due to realization and enlightenment/self discovery),

    S: Selfless, Service mindedness, Stimulating/Stunning experiences, Sky is the limit

    T: Taste of heaven, tantalizing, tears of joy/gratitude and contentment, top of the world feeling, transforming

    U:Unerturbed by criticism/adversities you face, ultimate course!! (the best ever!!)

    V: Vibrancy in body and awareness in mind, Vaporizes all the root causes of sadness and negative feelings/self doubt … OUT from the grass root levels without elaving any traces behind

    W: world peace and happiness, Wholesome feeling (feeling complete and contented in all respect), Wow!!, Wah!! Wondering… about all the wonders and wondering what made you stay away from realizing these truths for this long…. Wondering why most others are not yet here… grabbing this wonderful experience…

    X: Xciting…., Xetra, Xetra, Xetra…. 

    Y: YES attitude! Young at heart, Yearning for eternal Peace and GURU’s grace, Yuppie!!

    Z: Zeal for a life worth the innate purpose of being born as a human , ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (experience the most peaceful rest/peaceful sleep which brings back to you… a profound energy, enthusiasm, peace, contentment and joy in your ever vibrant life… teaching the technique of controlling your mind…. And emotions…. )


  9. Dear Anand Ji
    JAI GURUDEV! It was a mind blowing experience to have DSN Coruse with you at Amritsar conducted from 13th Aug to 16th Aug.I could overcome many of my limitations during the course.I am feeling too much Free and Hollow now. i heared about you very much before i conducted the course …really you are too dynamic. The Day 1 when course was started…i was really suprised to see your angry looks and strong voice…..i thought Do People like that are also there in Art of Living?? cause before that the teachers i met for different courses…like Basic , Advance , and Sahaj Samadhi were too soft…but after 2 days of course i realised that you are as soft as all teachers…You are Strong from Outside and Soft from inside like a coconut.You really taught me How To Live…..Being Rock Solid from outside and beind an ice-cream inside…i could not balance this things before..Today is First Day After Course….I pray Guruji, you and all my teaachers to give me strength so that i may apply all the teachings you gave me during the course ..So that my life also takers a U-Turn right now…..Zhak…Zhak…Zhak….Zhakkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas

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