DSN testimonial

Anurag Kunwar
Graduate Student, Department of Chemistry, Arizona State University
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

I would like to mention to you about the DSN Course conducted by Anand Rajendran ji in Washington DC. After having done the DSN on six previous occasions, I was curious how this would be different. And it was different! Very very different!

The energy and intensity on the course was simply amazing. This course was such a blast of energy that it is hard to put into words. But amidst the electrifying energy, there was transformation on a scale unparalleled. Lucky were the ones to experience this.

The processes were refreshing, unique, new and inspiring. Only word to describe them is ‘Jhakaas’. Looking back it is amazing the magnitude of transformation amongst the participants. The Sankalpas that each group took for their own cities was stupendous. The DSN Course was truly breaking barriers in the mind as regards what is possible. All the groups were taking Sankalpas of organizing 200 people courses in their cities. The enthusiasm and YES mind in action were sheerly amazing.

Transformation and expansion was achieved through humour, joy and celebration. Making Life a Celebration took on meaning in the unbelievable Rock Satsangs and the Laughter filled sessions on the Course. The energy was like reliving the Silver Jubilee Celebrations.

Gurudev says that the human body produces enough electricity to light up the entire New York for six months! One of the unique processes on the course gives a glimpse of that true potential. Just a glimpse makes the journey worth it, over and over again.

This DSN Course has a lot to offer to everyone . Teachers, volunteers, the young at heart and anyone who wants to make a difference to his own life and others around. Teachers can watch their Satsang energy, enthusiasm and capacity expand manifold in front of their eyes.

Gurudev calling on the phone from India and reiterating many things that were mentioned on the Course, was an indication how we were the source all along. And His complete attention on the DSN Course a further indication on how this will be the vehicle for change in the different cities of the US.


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  1. It is amazing to know that in ASU the DSN is happening where my son R>SathyanarayanaBharadwaj of (electrical branch)is joining for graduate programme this fall. He has just finished adv. course with Guruji and planning to do DSN. This shows,as you said Guruji is always connected to each and everyone of us and takes care. .
    Joy to you,


  2. December 20, 2007 at 4:30 pm
    dear anandji

    ur Dec course in Bombay was simply superb. more rejuvinating than a spa…@ of peanuts compared to a spa. could feel the presence of guruji throuout the couse.Also some worldly problems were resolved completely. mahesgiriji was most convincing abt DSY. we need more people like him to get rid of the commercial label attached to AOL.

  3. shailesh jasani
    20th jan 2008
    dear anandji
    i was amazed on doin ur dsn at surat (3rd jan 2008)..u r simply maj..maj…maj..maajama…its a surat style..after doin ur dsn ..i was able to apply knowledge in my life very easily…every time i become aware to be a master not a victim…my padma sadhana has become very reg…i really really love ur style , ur way of talking..u know u talk with enthu,action & with feelings..i love ur style..u r jaakas…
    u r really doin job,,whenever i feel lazy in morning to wake up ..i remember u & suddenly i wake up….
    thanks a lot to change my attitude of life

  4. Jai Gurudev!!
    Jhak jhak jhak jhak jhak jhak jhakaas!! What an amazing experience! Doing D.S.N with Anandji, Guruji,s gem full of such enthusiasm & dynamism who has left such a big impact on all of us who did the D.S.N course with Anandji from 17th to 20th Jan,2008.
    Mindblowing, amazing!Learnt such a lot from him.A big thanx to Guruji for creating him & sending him to our city. Looking forward to a mega course with him in our city some time & b,for that all geared up for the first mega course with Swami Maheshgiri very soon. Also, with Guruji,s blessings & his sankalpa , looking forward to a drug de-addiction camp in Jalandhar very soon. WIsh we could learn more from him & take more guidance from him.Well,as Anandji told us — you are never alone, Guruji,s grace is with you. So, LET HIS WILL BE DONE. Maybe, it was destined to be this way only.I pray may we be able to apply all the points he made sure we got them straight in our hearts. JAI GURUDEV!!

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  6. Anandji,

    Jai Gurudev….
    I have attended DSN Course – 18th sept 08 @ Rajkot,Gujarat. It was for three and half day only. But i felt i was there since so many years. Last night when everybody was leaving from the hall – i was not feeling to go back to my place.
    As to attend DSN Course, I fighted with my boss to give me leave, but she did not. Though i came to attend course and left the job. I do not have fear whether i will get another job or not. But what i have experienced during this course is amazing, Superb…..Jhakkas.
    In one line if i say “You are transformer for the people”.

    Love you……Jai Gurudev

  7. jaigurudev hin sir i am krishna an engineering student who attended a latest DSN course in vellore. anandji came here. i thought lot of experience. i have already gave a mail he didn’t reply. my age is just 19 but due to my bad company i did lot of mistakes in life. now i am struggling from severe stomach pain. please tell to our God(gurudev) to make me to relieve from this pain. in my life God is gurudev only. jai gurudev jaigurudev jaigurudev

  8. Jai Gurudev, Myself, Tejash Mistry, I had done DSN course in Pune (13-15 Jan). It was very great experience. I learned lots of things from him. Few of them, which I like most is
    – Feelings makes you Papu which Commitment makes you leader
    – Give your 100% in every action.

  9. hellooooooooooooooo sirrrrrrrrrrrrr how r u? i m dilip zinzala from vadodara…….i m jakassssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. and how r u ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  10. Jai Gurudev,

    It the BEST experience of MY-LIFE, doing D.S.N. with Shri Anand Ji…

    In MY way of saying after the course is Zak Zak Zak Zakaaaasss….

    Great Energy, Love, Enthusiasm…. In his class, it was a Terror of LOVE & TEARS of JOY, making PAPPUs in LEADERS..

    I felt the most effective:
    E.A.F,Live life with COMMITMENTS & the PROCESS of Surrender to Guru Ji & GOD.

    I wish HIM a ALWAYS GREAT Success for Transformation of PEOPLE across the Globe UNDER the GREAT GUIDANCE of GURU Ji… as he is THE I.T. Man…

  11. A brush with you left me dumb-struk “aiseh bhi logh hoteh hein”
    awesome’amazing’alluring’addictive’adoring’azure’agile’alert’approachable’aggressive’assertive,…..we are affected

  12. I did what Anandji sayed and worked Great. Nature returns your investments 1000 times. Ekdana dalo…100 vapas…100dana dalo…10,000 vapas…kanjusai dalo…kanjusai vapas….I experienced by stratching my self and things seems amazings. in one single word, anything you do for Guruji, he never keeps..the joy, the satisfaction, the real happiness it returns is million time than what we do in seva. Guruji tusi great ho…Jai Gurudev

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