Organizing the largest Course

Prasad Peddamatham
Bay Area, California, USA

Dear All,

Anand ji said “Uncalculated Risk makes one grow in LEAPS & BOUNDS”.

When we think, plan, and try to execute….there is a sense of boredom that sets in.

When we work within the realm of limited mind, the BIG vision cannot be accomplished.

For the BIG vision to accomplished, the limitedness has to *break*.

Then we move with Trust, Faith…that Master takes care of us…at every step !

All avenues open up. The path becomes beautiful !

There is newness…there is freshness…there is creativity….every moment. 

After DSN with Anand ji in Los Angeles, about 80 of us took Sankalpa to organize the MEGA Course !

We set the dates as February 6 – 11, 2007.

We didnot know how it will happen, but we took the UNCALCULATED LEAP OF FAITH !!!

This time we changed the dimension in which we organize the course.

Instead of organizing the course…..we carried in our heart “We are organizing people’s lives. We are making a difference in someone’s life”.

This thought, turned into longing, and then into PRAYER !

We would get some names of people during Kriya / Meditation…

We would call them, and they were the ones READY to receive knowledge. They just enrolled !

It was just AMAZING the Sheer Grace that was involved in this course.

There were people waiting for 4 years, 6 years….and one person Dharmendar who waited for 20 years to do Art of Living course….who FINALLY registered for this course.

And on the first day of the course…..”6th February 2007″…..what a sight to behold !!

1400 hands (700 pairs)…going up & down in unison….doing Bhastrika.

Just the whole environment was charged ! It was ELECTRIFYING !!

Anand ji’s Basic Course also seems like an Advance Course 🙂

He makes everyone drop their concepts, and just participate in sessions like children.

He conveyes every point with so much enthusiasm and intensity.

There is so much happiness & laughter in his presence !

Heard that Guruji is also rejoicing Bay Area‘s accomplishment ! He was heard saying “Bay Area is ROCKING & ROLLING !” :-))

We know that all praises go to the Divine….

But if Divine HIMSELF is praising….then we just have to Surrender & Rejoice 🙂

Love, Peace and Joy

Have dimensions Infinite

To think and understand

Is a job so futile

To let go off the control

To dissolve and merge

Is to experience the Divine

…..And to live that Divine…..

Is the Love that’s unconditional

Is the Peace that’s unfathomable

Is the Joy that’s Inexpressible !!

There was one participant who shared yesterday after Sudharshan Kriya “I feel immense LOVE towards everyone. I feel that we all are ONE organism”.

That sharing speaks what each of 80 of us (Teacher, TTC1, Volunteer) experienced in organizing & participating in the course !!!!

Love and Jai Guru Dev!