The MIT of AOL!

Dear all, I was fortunate enough to be one of two from bay area to do DSN with Anand-ji in Washington, DC. Many from bay area experienced the awesome/intense 3-hour volunteer training with Anand-ji – and we took sankalpa for 1000 person course. Imagine hat 3.5 days with Anand-ji can help us with overcoming our own barriers, seva, etc.My summary of this course is this
(hope this does not offend anyone…) :

There are schools and there is Stanford, MIT, IIT..
There are gurus and there is our Sri Sri.
There are relaxation courses and there is our Part-I.
There are ArtofLiving courses and there is DSN.
And there are ArtofLiving teachers & there is Anand-ji

The course felt like going through a big wash – inside/out. If I loose my smile, my awareness comes right back to regain it. When I left DC, I felt a fire inside me “rushing me to return here saying that’s so much to do…” This course has taken my participation in life to next level. Right after course, a teacher, senior volunteer and me emailed Guruji a plan for worldwide project.

Please do whatever it takes for you as teachers, volunteers to do DSN with Anand-ji asap – either in LosAngeles or Chicago, even to repeat course with him. He is lot of fire, enthusiasm, fun – perfect for DSN teacher personality. Course has changed recently. I did DSN 2 years ago and felt course was very different now


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  1. Dear Anandji,
    Having brought a tremendous change in my life pattern, I am regularily practicing the Asanas, taught during the DSN Course. I always recall your every bit of word seting as an example to others. After the course I could attempt to conduct a meeting at my office with a presentation keeping you recalling Every one does mistake there are people who listen few thing what you are speaking others are somewhere linking to themselves. During Q& A sessions boldly faced the audience. I request please guide me how to encourage my spouse to do this course with you next vist to Western suburbs.I had been approached with our group to attend Navaratra function being organised 19-27th Sept,2009 on grand scale in Mumbai this time. I communicated to all my near & dears to atteng the Homa,Yagna Dear Anandji I need YOUR BLESSINGS ALL TIMES REGARDS. RANGANATH KULKARNI, MUMBAI. Please keep forwarding good messages to my mail on positive thinking etc.

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