Do you want to be a Master of your situation? Do you want to achieve your ultimate dream? Do you want to operate at 100% at all the time? Do you want to realize your potential? Do you Ladies and Gentlemen want to be ROCK SOLID?

The answer is Anandji – The MAN, The MACHINE, and The PHENOMENON.
Exuberance is in his name, a state of elated bliss. This man has undying energy; he is full of enthusiasm, killer techniques filled with animated actions. He moves mountains and has conquered hearts of many with his dynamic style.

I have seen many motivational speakers over the years, but not a style as unique as his. The enthusiasm, actions and feelings are so powerful that you actually visualize the picture right in front of your eyes. From making you move your hands to facially expressing your feelings he makes sure that the key point becomes your belief. And, he makes you repeat it with just as much enthusiasm until it is thoroughly imbibed in your system. Better believe it, if you get woken up in the middle of the night you might be found quoting punch lines from his talk.
You cry, you laugh, you shout, you scream, you jump, and you dance in his course called Divya Samaj Ka Nirman. Generally called DSN, eloquently referred by him as “Don’t Say No”. MY FELLOW ART OF LIVING FRIENDS IF YOU HAVE NOT EXPERIENCED THIS COURSE WITH ANANDJI, YOU ARE MISSING OUT BIG TIME!
Having read books from excellent authors like Stephen Covey, Keith Harrell, Norman Vincent Peale and many others, I automatically end up drawing parallel’s. And, I find his course is a concentrated capsule filled with excellent knowledge points covering every aspect of life. Each point very beautifully crafted with lots of action and emotion. From forgiveness to devotion it covers it all. Life management at its best!!! All the key punch lines are jam packed in this 3 ½ days – anything and everything you need to live like a LION. Take this capsule and cleanse yourself out. Do this course and you do not have to worry about reading any books.
With his inspiration to go above and beyond “me, myself and I” Atlanta DSN was able to raise $157,000 for various service projects within 30 minutes. We are going to start four AOL Centers in different cities in the USA. Imagine the lives these funds will change, he is mover and shaker, creating a divine society every step of the way. Atlanta DSN had people from everywhere – Charlotte, Indianapolis had major presence. He builds his session hour by hour, he brings you to a certain platform, from which there is no turning back. He makes you Rock Solid, ready to take on anything in the world. You will be doing yourselves a favor by doing this course. You will be swept away by Anandji’s magnetic personality, take this course and see the magic unfold. He is the man, the machine, and the phenomenon!!!
Jhakkas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bharti (ROCK SOLID) Pardasani, Charlotte



  1. I have the same rock solid experience after completing my DSN with Anandji for first two days i think no one in our course able see eye in eye with Anandji but after third day Anandji make almost all of us Rock solid in Jak-jak-jak-jakkass style. for that if any one who is really lucky will do DSN with Anandji, The positive thought that yahaa Yes to wahaa bhis yes with that yes we got knowledge centre Phase-1 in Rajkot (Gujarat – India ) so ise bhi loghote hai jo came to Rajkot With mission and completes the mission with grace of Guruji in just 30 minutes. So from this experience i will be with Guruji at Bali.As my DSN completed on Sunday till Wednesday I am not able to sleep I am just living in heaven and for the first time I realizes that the course was very short .’Jay Gurudev ‘ . Amish Gariba, Rajkot Done first DSN from 18 September to 21 September 2008.

  2. oh! ho! aise bhi TEACHERS hote hain!..aur aise bhi course hote hain!. this space is too little to write abt ANAND G. i feel blessed after the DSN with ANAND G ( Dr. Ching-Pong). i was the captian of Pappu’s before the course. Now i’m feel very confident with watever i do. i always need a reason to smile & be happy…but these days i smile all the time & stay happy just for no reason. I attended the course in Navi-Mumbai from 16th to 19th Jan. His 45 mins. speach on SEVA(service) raised around Rs. 1 crore for the desired Temple of Knowledge which is to be built in Navi-Mumbai. this was the most Oh! Ho! thing i felt abt the course. raising so much money in just 45 min. is i think PHENOMENOL!! and the modest thing abt him is he doesn’t even take credit fot it…he said ..” its not my capability or Talent…its just Guruji’s Grace & his Blessings. anyways, i’ll end it over here, coz words can’t define this personality, JOIN a DSN couse with him for a MIND-BOGGLING experience. If u don’t u’ll miss out something really PRECIOUS in life. JAI GURUDEV!!

  3. Anandji, I just finished DSN with u in Mumbai from 29th April to 3rd may… total jhakass experience!! You r one of the best teachers I met!! Your style of teaching is unique and it penetrates straight in the heads without thinking more…Will cherish the experience of course lifetime! It has transformed something majorly within me! u r amazzzzingggggg!!!!!!


  4. By reading all the above I am thrilled to do a DSN with the Great Anandji.I have heard one of his Intro talk delivered to the TTC participants.That was mavelous.
    When are you coming to Kerala -preferably KOCHI.Kindly inform
    Jai Guru Dev
    Ananda Mohan

  5. Jai Guru Dev,

    Dear Anand Ji,

    I am going for TTC Ph 2. I hope you remember me. I have done AOL P 1 in June 2006 which was the first Mega Course in New Delhi and then DSN just after that, both under your supervision.

    Before proceeding further, I need your blessings to get success in TTC Ph 2.

    It is just a co-incidence that my Teacher has forwarded the form for Ph 2 today only and I have received this link to get connected with you today only. It is clear that Guru Ji wants that before filling the form also I must get your blessings.

    With lots and with lots of warm regards,


    Yogesh Bhanot
    +91-98 111 52720

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