Adverse Circumstances

What could you think about a child ,who was born three months after the death of his father. Born prematurely, he was a small child; his mother said that he could have fit inside a quart mug. When He was three, his mother remarried and went to live with her new husband, leaving her son in the care of his maternal grandmother,

Began his schooling in the village schools. When he was 15 yrs, his step father dies and his mother came back & removed him from school and attempted to make a farmer of him. He was thoroughly unhappy with the work, then one of his high school teacher brought him back to school to complete his education.

At the age of 19 he falls in love, romanced for a year, got engaged to his beloved, as he became engrossed in his studies, the romance cooled & she left him ( married someone else) and thereafter he never married

Born so unlucky so much hardship for survival & education what can you expect that child to do & achieved in life

He described universal gravitation (Gravity) and the three laws of motion, invented the reflecting telescope & many more contributions to the field of mathematics…. Yes we are talking of Sir Isaac Newton.
He did not hide behind the circumstances; but happily SMILED and SAILED through them!!!


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  1. JGD ananandji there is so much 2 learn from such g8 souls but in face of adverse circumstances I acted quite the reverse I went into depression ! I found it easier as I said 2 myself “Why me God ? “instead of “TRY me” ? as u said but thanks 2 association with U I ‘m out of it 4 good ! Or else at that point of time when I met u I might have had 2 take recourse 2 anti-deprssents whitch r a vicious addictive affair! I thank my stars 4 sending U at that point of time ! Please keep guiding me this way……?

  2. Jgd Anandji! there r so much 2 learn from g8 souls In face adverse ….I did quite the reverse I entered into deep depression n found no solace nor solution 2 anything I wallowed in self-pity n said”why me GOD ?” instead of “Try me”! I actually was addressing God like that n thought 2 myself even Sita ma was sent 4 14 yrs of Exile n pitied myself n was black mailing God 4 extending my period! Its thanks 2 the association with u that I’m over coming it as u taught such pragmatic things I ‘m highly indebted 2 u n A.O.L I’m emerging successful! Please keep us informed n equipped 4 future (sorry Future brings fear n past tear so for present come near as I desperately need ur guidance!,,,,,,,,,

  3. anandji, what strikes me is that at the time of naming him newtons parents dint think that their proginees might suffer tonnes of new problems although he came out victorious after each and each honed him better thus etghing his name in history n psychology!

  4. Anandji i wrote this before but somehow its not fatured here I wanted 2 say good souls like Newtton bore such uneasyness with such ease I somhow not a patch on him! as in d face of some adverse circumstance I bogged down n honestly speaking entered into depression n thanks 2 u i’m striving 2 come out of it soon!n my problems were mostly self invited Newtton was such a persevering n brave soul most of commoners have so much 2 learn from him!

  5. Hi ,This is rohit from jalandhar .sir i,have fulfilled all the promises made to you at noida 30 JULY AND also lost sven kg weight in this process.thnx

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