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Science and Spirituality

Memorial Lecture given by Guruji at S. M. Medical college, Jodhpur ( 23 February 2005)

I know you all are waiting to hear me, while there are others who are simply waiting to see me, doesn’t matter what I talk. Should I speak in Hindi or English? Some want in Hindi and others in English. I will speak in both and whenever I am speaking in the language other than that of your choice, just listen as if you are listening to some  music, otherwise you will start feeling restless!

Listening is also an art- there is an art of listening. Are you all listening?  It can be any speaker who may speak for ten minutes but we actually hear for about three minutes; this is a statistical figure! The remaining seven minutes, the body remains there but the mind goes out  gallivanting and  comes back after roaming for sometime. So if one speaks for thirty minutes say, then, in actual effect, you hear for about 9-10 minutes.  That’s why I said, whatever language I speak, if you do not understand, just hear it like a music otherwise restlessness starts building in the mind, right?
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Bay Area Course: 700+ Participants!

Guruji’s Grace, Anandji’s Enthusiasm Wakes up Bay Area
A journey back into time …………..

Nov 2006 – Volunteer Meeting in Bay Area with International Teacher, Anand Rajendran – a stopover on Anandji’s way to the East Coast – an evening which brought together Teachers, TTC1s and volunteers from across the San Francisco Bay Area for a super-charged blast of energy and enthusiasm! The end result of the meeting was an intention – ‘to have a One Thousand Eight people Part I Course in Bay Area‘. The Big Boss himself gave His Blessings for the course. The stage was set and now the play had to be scripted & executed.

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largest Art of Living Course outside India

Dear Ones,

Guruji says that we answer only after we are asked! Evidently, there have been several of you who have asked how we, in the Bay area were able to get about 700 people on a course in a matter of 5 weeks. If this is not your question please delete mail!

Love and Jai Gurudev!

Here we go: When Anand Rajendran met us volunteers in late November, he threw out the idea of having a huge basic course. Out popped the number 1008 (from the volunteers). Of course about 80 of them went for the DSN in December with him and got the required “skills” to get on with the task.

Unlike all prior Guruji visits etc., this was the first event without ANY feverishness on the part of the volunteers. Each volunteer’s awareness of the mind was so high, that the moment they felt the feverishness creep in, they would do some meditation or chanting and take a break!!

Joan Goodrum, our dear teacher from the Bay, long ago told me, during an advance course- We become an organic whole, during the Part 2 course”. Those words were certainly true to what happened with all 200 volunteers- we were united in one goal and one path- no distractions, no “other”. During the course of those 5 weeks in Jan and early Feb, when the small mind would manifest, the big mind of the larger group would gently remind the small mind to chill!

Now the logistics: The original plan was for the 200 strong volunteers to reach out to 5 people each and get the 1008. The final tally of 560 new people and 140 repeaters makes it clear that an average of 2-3 new people were recruited per volunteer. The 700 people were divided into 62 groups- mostly with 10 people in each, some had 20 owing to lack of a teacher. It is important to add here, that we have over 30 teachers and 50 TTC1s in the bay area. All those who committed to being in the course became a “mentor” for a group of 10 or 20 as the case may be. For the mostt part, people were organized based on their city and they got to connect with a teacher or ttc 1 from that area, starting from day 1.

Each night after the course ended, Anand ji would connect with all the volunteers and ask us what needed to be done next. “What should be the outcome of this course?”, he would keep asking. Thus was born the idea of solid follow-up- 3 kriyas and 3 knowledge/follow-ups with the small group after the course in 3 consecutive weeks. And, generate the next set of courses in March for each region with a minimum of 200 people in each!!

In the interim, the silver jubilee celebrations in DC have crept in as has the DSN with Anad ji in March, here, in the Bay area. We are yet to know the numbers of people taking the course next month- but this experience of teaching the big course has brought greater solidarity amongst teachers- it is no longer- my region or yours!! It is simply- let us get out the word of Art of Living to each and every one who is living in the world! And let us get together and teach together. United we stand in the one world family.

We have moved from Somebody to nobody to everybody!!

Love and light,