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Memorial Lecture given by Guruji at S. M. Medical college, Jodhpur ( 23 February 2005)

I know you all are waiting to hear me, while there are others who are simply waiting to see me, doesn’t matter what I talk. Should I speak in Hindi or English? Some want in Hindi and others in English. I will speak in both and whenever I am speaking in the language other than that of your choice, just listen as if you are listening to some  music, otherwise you will start feeling restless!

Listening is also an art- there is an art of listening. Are you all listening?  It can be any speaker who may speak for ten minutes but we actually hear for about three minutes; this is a statistical figure! The remaining seven minutes, the body remains there but the mind goes out  gallivanting and  comes back after roaming for sometime. So if one speaks for thirty minutes say, then, in actual effect, you hear for about 9-10 minutes.  That’s why I said, whatever language I speak, if you do not understand, just hear it like a music otherwise restlessness starts building in the mind, right?
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Jhakkas from India!

Dear Ones,Guru Purnima

Joy Gurudev!! Hope you are doing great.

As most of you probably know, Guruji will be in LA (Pomona) next week for a Part-2 course during Guru Purnima. Doing a part-2 course in his presence is a really rare opportunity, which should not be missed. Hearing about an enlightened master is one thing but being in his presence and soaking in his wisdom is something unparalleled. Guru Poornima is perhaps the most important day in the year for anyone who has a Guru (a teacher). That is the day we come to our master and offer our Gratitude for the way he has  contributed into our lives. Many people in the world would give almost anything to be with Guruji on this most auspicious of all days in the year… you have the chance! Use it 🙂

I do know that many of you are planning to be there. But in case, you are not because of obstacles ( in the form of finances/time/people), I urge you to take up a challenge. Just go ahead and sign up for the course and then see how the whole universe will re-organize itself (if needed) for you to be in Pomona on the 24th of July.

I look forward to hearing back from all you on the 30th about your AMAZINGGGGGGG and WONDERFULL experiences


With Love,

The MIT of AOL!

Dear all, I was fortunate enough to be one of two from bay area to do DSN with Anand-ji in Washington, DC. Many from bay area experienced the awesome/intense 3-hour volunteer training with Anand-ji – and we took sankalpa for 1000 person course. Imagine hat 3.5 days with Anand-ji can help us with overcoming our own barriers, seva, etc.My summary of this course is this
(hope this does not offend anyone…) :

There are schools and there is Stanford, MIT, IIT..
There are gurus and there is our Sri Sri.
There are relaxation courses and there is our Part-I.
There are ArtofLiving courses and there is DSN.
And there are ArtofLiving teachers & there is Anand-ji

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